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The “IN SHOP FACTORY” system will enable you to create products using a single machine equipped with two dosing units: the first one supplies semi-finished components and the second one colorants.

This “made-to-measure” machine is modular. It can process from 8 to a maximum of 12 semifinished components according to the range of products the retailer wants to produce from zero.

The storing of semi-finished products is also made-to-measure so as to suit the space available to the retailer.  

We have fine-tuned and tested the electronic management of each phase and found the best technical solution for each individual valve, machine pump and tank of the ISF system in order to guarantee a fluid and rapid supply of semi-finished products, perfect stability and safe and easy

Now the "IN SHOP FACTORY" machine is able to:

    1. Produce a can of product every three minutes from zero.
    2. Electronically identify each individual semi-finished component, thus eliminating production mistakes.
    3. Make the replacement of tanks and drums easy, quick and safe.
    4. Eliminate obsolete products as well as waste of semi-finished components

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