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As simple as in a supermarket

The IN SHOP FACTORY makes it possible to create a product based on the optical reading of a barcode, exactly as in a supermarket.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive software which can be installed in all PC work places, anybody can input an order:

  1. the shop-keeper at the counter
  2. a clerk from his office
  3. an agent or a customer through the Internet (through an optional software on request)

As soon as the order is printed, a product identification label containing all technical information and a barcode is generated automatically.

The machine operator sticks the label on the empty can, places the can under the dispenser and reads the barcode indicated on the label with the barcode reader with which the machine is equipped.

In three minutes the machine releases the whole product.

And this is not all…

This software makes it possible to

  1. manage customers’ and agents’ details by inserting prices, discounts, deliveries etc…
  2. process useful statistics concerning, for example, sales details related to a product, a shade, a customer as well as the profitability of each customer in time.

Thanks to the Internet connection, the management also of the ISF warehouse can be automated.
Stock will not need to be checked: in the case of shortage of stock, the ISF system will send a request for replenishment to the headquarters, after customer authorization, the headquarters will automatically carry out the procurement of those components and stocks of components and
colorants low on stock.

As a result, all this will make warehouse turnover more efficient and suitable for the actual consumption rate and will avoid lost sales arising from the lack of products as well as expensive over-stocking.


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