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Stackable empty can

Clear your spaces

The IN SHOP FACTORY system does not require the use of bases. You will need two empty, easily stackable, space saving cans:

1 empty can with a maximum capacity of 4. L and a bigger one with a capacity of 14 L.

The ISF system makes it possible to create products without the need of bases.

This means that you will:

  1. avoid lost sales due to the fact that the white base or the suitable base are not available or are not in the right can.
  2. avoid production mistakes which occur when the operator has coloured the wrong base
  3. avoid coming and going from/to the warehouse, that is to say losing time trying to find the base to be coloured
  4. avoid keeping obsolete products in the warehouse
  5. avoid wastes, as you will be able to produce the quantity required by the customer, without quantity being limited by the size of the cans.
  6. reduce the warehouse space necessary for storing paints.
  7. use the space recovered to increase business by dedicating this space to other goods
  8. make available again the liquidity invested in the products kept in the warehouse, thus “slimming down” your company’s financial commitment.

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