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Revolutionary tinting system

Creation of the formula from zero

“IN SHOP FACTORY” a new tinting system is based.
We like to define the “IN SHOP FACTORY” system as “revolutionary” because the tinting system does not only consist in the colouring of pre-weighed products, but it also makes it possible to create products from zero by choosing  up to 10 semi-finished components and 20 V.O.C. FREE* colorants.  
We have been carrying out studies in our research laboratories for months in order to create the
components necessary to realise a complete system and to formulate 24 product series in thousands of colours.
But this is not all: the ISF system makes it possible to produce new shade and product formulations every day. Real-time updating will be available thanks to the Internet connection.

The ISF system involves the use of 20 V.O.C. FREE, water-based colorants created with pigments. The technical characteristics and costs of these colorants make it possible for customers to choose among the following products according to their requirements:

  1. maximum outdoor resistant products
  2. cheaper products for internal surfaces
  3. double-cover products

Nel software ISF sono già formulate le seguenti cartelle colori:


SHADES ON REQUEST: direct connection between the spectrophotometer and production.
The ISF Integrated Spectrophotometer allows to formulate and save new colour cards and custom-made shades in the software.

* The ISF is based on the use of VOC FREE colorants complying with the EC European Directive  
2004/42/CE - Decree Law 161/06.
** It is possible to use both enamels and industrial products
*** It is possible to use Aquastand


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