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In Shop Factory production

With “IN SHOP FACTORY”, starting from an empty can it is possible to produce instantaneously the products in white or in the colour requested by the customer, in the desired quantity, choosing among:

• Acryl-based fixatives and sealers
• Transparent and colored siloxane-based fixatives
• Breathable latex paints
• Washable latex paints
• Hyper-washable latex paints
• Sanitizing anti-mould paints
• Siloxane paints
• Quartz paints
• Paints for plasterboards
• Masonry enamels
• Water based enamels


Using only one system, as in the traditional tinting, the bases can also be tinted in pre-filled cans choosing among:

• Lime putty paints
• Elastomeric paints
• Siloxane paints
• Mural plastic coverings
• Special high hiding power paint for stands and plasterboard (Aquastand)
• Paints for reinforced concrete
• Epoxy products for floors
• Impregnating products and final coats for wood
• Water-based coatings for industry (polyacrylic, epoxy-based, fast drying, primers…)


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