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The "In Shop Factory" revolutionary formula

1 Empty can
10 semi-finished products
20  VOC FREE colorants

1 revolutionary tinting system
1 integrated Software
1 Modular Machine
1 Internet connection

Place an empty can under the IN SHOP FACTORY MACHINE. Take the machine barcode reader and, as in a supermarket, scan the barcode printed on the label created automatically from the order. In three
minutes the machine will dispense the semi-finished products as fluids  and then the V.O.C. FREE colorants.

Now the paint is ready.

Using the professional system “IN SHOP FACTORY” is the secret for the success of the recipe.
A revolutionary tinting system composed of an integrated software expressly created to manage, in a simple and intuitive way, all shop orders and of a modular machine working with semi-finished components and wisely studied V.O.C. FREE colorants.

IN SHOP FACTORY: The only system to produce outright starting from an empty can.

The seven virtues

0 Starting from zero
An empty can in which you can dose an ad hoc product, in the desired quantity, in a wide range of shades, choosing among cheaper formulations for indoor or high resistant formulations for outdoor.

1 Clear some space
Manage the whole range of painting products for decorative and for other purposes, in only 30
square meters of floor space

2 Multiply to reset.
Eliminate costs of several bases and of white for different products in several packages, multiplying the range of products.

3 Three working minutes.
Starting from an empty can, produce in only 3 minutes. Simple as that!

4 Know closely each customer.
Revise outright the costs, profit margins and profitability for each customer.

5 Never feeling alone.
Receive updating and on-line remote maintenance in real time.

6 No worries
Thanks to the Internet connection, replenish automatically stocks of semi-finished components and products


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